Sunday, July 14, 2013

Duc and Jenny's Wedding

I actually met Duc and Jenny through another couple I made a video for. Let me start with that story.

The very first wedding video I ever made was for Harry and Eileen. I met them through Eileen's sister, Melinda, who I know from my church. Melinda had seen the videos I made for my church and she casually threw my name out when Harry and Eileen were considering a videographer. Well, they got in touch with me, we met up, I showed them some of my work and I made it very clear to them that I had never made a wedding video before. They didn't mind, they just wanted someone to film their wedding. And that's how I got my first wedding gig.

Now, Duc was Harry's best man and I had featured him in the highlight video. After he saw it, Duc contacted me saying he and Jenny were considering using me for their wedding as well. And that's pretty much how I met Duc and Jenny, and ended up filming their big day. 

Jenny is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth girls I have ever met. She's always smiling, which is great because she has a beautiful smile. And I could tell that she really cares about the people around her. On her big day, she was surrounded by her nearest and dearest friends. Duc is an easy-going guy as well. He has a great sense of humor, loves a good laugh, and has some sick dance moves. He tore it up on the dance floor. Friends go a long way with him as well, because Harry served as his best man in return. 

Duc and Jenny got married at Maravilla Gardens, which is an absolutely magnificent family estate in Camarillo. It's now my second favorite wedding venue (and until I attend a wedding in a castle, the first will always be the forest wedding at UC Berkeley's botanical gardens). It had the most wonderful backdrop of rolling mountains and lush corn fields. Everything about this place was magical, down to the sparkler finale. 

My favorite moment out of the whole day was seeing Duc completely overjoyed at watching Jenny walk down the aisle. Perfection.


Me and my crew