Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Renaissance Faire

About a month ago I went to the Renaissance faire for the first time. I had always heard about it and have always wanted to go but never got a chance to until this year. As with many of the other big or special events that I go to, I decided I would make a dress for this particular occasion. I always liked the Renaissance and medieval time period. One of the first dresses I ever made was a medieval/renaissance dress, so this was kind of right up my alley in terms of the kind of garments that I like to make.

The first dress I ever made. My high school prom.

I'm aware that the medieval era is definitely not the same as the Renaissance era but everyone who attends the faire doesn't really make that differentiation. I saw pirates, and vikings and all sorts of fantasy and steampunk costumes, so I definitely was not out of place by making a medieval dress, even though it's totally the wrong time..

There was a dress that I saw on armstreet.com that I liked, but I didn't want to pay $200 for. It's a fairly simple design so I decided to make my own version of this dress.

I think I got it pretty close, don't you?

The sleeves are what make the dress, with trim running down the length of the arm and button details. I literally bought 10 yards of trim and used every inch of it, and whatever I had leftover I made it into a headband.

Unfortunately, it was so blazing hot on the day that I went that it was quite uncomfortable to wear the dress because it was long-sleeved, pretty tight-fitting, and so thick with all the fabric that I was sweating beads the entire day.

At least I was able to unbutton the sleeves and provide a little bit of relief from the heat. Needless to say we bought a lots of drinks so that I wouldn't pass out from heat exhaustion.


I enjoyed the faire so much that I went back a second time a couple weeks later. I really wanted to wear the dress again since I had made it, but it was going to be even hotter and I didn't want to risk not having a good time because I'd be uncomfortable. So I forewent wearing the dress and put on a different outfit.

I kind of threw together a huntress look because I really wanted to show off my coyote quiver. I went with a black corset and a black skirt, put a little flower tiara on my head and just strapped on my quiver and was good to go. I regret not bringing my bow because quite a few people asked me where it was, but I had no idea how to strap it to my back in the little amount of time I had to do it in. I got a ton of comments on my quiver though, lots of people asked me where I got it, if it was real, and if they could take a picture of it. People even took pictures of it when they thought I wasn't looking. So glad I went with this outfit this time!


I bought a horn earring, a crown to replace the flowers, and a drinking horn. A drinking horn! A fully functional horn you can blow into as we'll as drink out of! So cool!!

I can't wait to go back next year!

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